Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Liberty OHM

In 1989, Rob Thompson, CIH, CSP, founded Liberty Occupational Health Management in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after working in the Environmental, Health, and Safety industry for many years. Liberty OHM is committed to building a culture of environmental excellence for our clients. Our mission statement is behind everything we do: Because people are worth protecting.

At Liberty OHM, our Specialties include industrial hygiene monitoring, disaster and flood management, comprehensive asbestos and lead inspection, and safety program development. We provide experienced environmental consulting services all over the state of Oklahoma and throughout the United States.

Liberty OHM President Rob Thompson has over 30 years of industry experience and has achieved two of the highest certifications in the field. Over the years, our company has grown, and Rob has gathered a dedicated team of environmental health experts available night or day to solve any problem.



Creighton “Rob” Thompson
Creighton “Rob” Thompson
Creighton “Rob” Thompson, CIH, CSP, founded Liberty OHM in 1989 after working in the Occupational, Health & Safety industry many years. Read More
Jake Williams
Jake Williams
Jake Williams, CHMM, GSP, B.S., graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Safety. Read More
Andy Chang
Andy Chang
Andy Chang is the Environmental Health & Safety Consultant at Liberty OHM. He has been in the Environmental Science & Safety field for over 11 years and continues to widen his professional experience. Read More

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Quick Response Time

Over the past 25 years, we have successfully managed disasters and floods in sensitive environments where time is of the essence. We’ve also helped hundreds of companies that call in a panic when OSHA shows up, and we’ve helped establish safety protocols that save lives and protect companies from litigation along the road.

Available 24/7

We understand that your emergency situation can be critical to the ongoing operation of your business. We respond quickly to each situation and bring 30 years of Environmental, Health, and Safety experience to every job. Day or night, we’re there for you when you need us. We contract out to many companies that need us to be on standby for any emergency going forward.

Trusted Experts

Liberty Occupational Health Management provides consulting services for companies in Oklahoma and throughout the United States. Whether you need a written safety program created for your company, a flooded hospital cleaned up, or a meth lab cleaned up in an apartment complex, we’ve got it covered.